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Building for the future state of media

The future of media will depend on convergence between buyers and sellers, as well as linear and digital inventory. Mediaocean is building solutions to directly connect media buyers and sellers and enable them, to transact cross-media inventory

Automated and Streamlined Workflow

As the media markets expand and become more complex, it will become vital for sellers to streamline their workflows and automate manual processes.

Constant back and forth between media buying and media selling teams can involve countless phone calls, emails, faxes, and Excel templates. Mediaocean has the tools and solutions to reduce manual inefficiencies by automating workflow, providing electronic data exchange, and maintaining a clear audit trail.

Connection to the Buyers

Mediaocean's cross-media publishing platform helps sellers by automating the exchange of campaign details and providing a direct line of communication with media buyers.


  • Connect with thousands of agency buyers managing billions of transactional and digital spend through Prisma for Buyers
  • Receive proposal responses faster, gain powerful insights into your campaigns, and access a complete audit trail for your sales and finance teams


Our media seller platforms

Prisma for Sellers

Ad sales & operations management for media owners

how it works


Client-preferred partner integration platform

how it works


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