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Lost in darkness of your media plan and execution?

Media convergence and the growing number of channels, agency partners, and operating markets bring unprecedented levels of data complexity and fragmentation. As a result, many marketers have difficulty gathering basic information about their media spend, such as:


  • Spend across regions and partners
  • Planned spend vs. actual spend
  • Media impact on sales

This leaves marketers with low visibility into execution, limited control, loss of data integrity and accuracy, wasted spend on consultants, infrastructure, and staff, and missed opportunity to maximize ROAS.


Mediaocean is here to help you seize the data, and the opportunity

One view to rule them all

Mediaocean's cross-media management platform, Lumina, allows marketers to instantly access their media plans and quickly pull reports across markets, partners, and channels. That means no more requesting data from partners, manually aggregating Excel sheets, and feeling like you're in the dark


Key features include:


  • Centralized data and one-click reports across market, vendor, and channel
  • Automated planned vs. actual reporting
  • All teams work in a single platform for standardized data collection
  • Cloud-based and global accessibility
  • Flexible, open architecture with configuration options and APIs

Our Advertiser Platform


Cross-media planning and analytics platform for advertisers and agencies

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