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Mediaocean featured in AdWeek

by Mediaocean Marketing
Why So Many CMOs Are Leaving Major Brands for Ad Tech Companies
December 05, 2017

AdWeek’s Katie Richards details what’s spurring the switch for CMOs to jump to ad tech companies:

In late October, former McDonald’s CMO Deborah Wahl resurfaced after leaving her marketing role at the brand in April. Wahl didn’t end up at another household name, but instead joined media software company Mediaocean as a member of the company’s board of directors. “I really think what [Mediaocean is] providing is critical for all of us in the industry going forward,” Wahl said. One of Wahl’s biggest goals in joining Mediaocean is to help CMOs understand why it’s so important to understand new technology and trends. She really wants to push CMOs to think like a CTO.  

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