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A Look to the Past to Understand the Future

June 29, 2017

Panelists from Mediaocean, MediaMath, Publicis Groupe, and VideoAmp join AdExchanger at Mediaocean HQ Connect Series event to discuss the evolution of programmatic.


AdExchanger’s Senior Editor, Allison Schiff, moderated a compelling discussion surrounding the “giant bowl of spaghetti” that is Programmatic. The hour long dialogue involved a diverse panel of experts: Alex Tsai, VP of Product Management at Mediaocean, Lewis Rothkopf, GM of supply at MediaMath, Karyn Johnson, Programmatic President at Publicis Groupe, and Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer at VideoAmp.

The conversation began with the depollution of what has become the somewhat “dirty word,” Programmatic. The panel stated that it is neither easy, nor is it remnant – it is the future. Over the years, Programmatic has become the future of AdTech. It has allowed efficiency for advertisers, yield for publishers, and activated media for all. It has altered the way companies approach the marketplace, as well as the way data is valued and organized. Nevertheless, it has stirred up some tangles along the way.

The sauciest of controversies were recognized and addressed, as the panel identified concerns within their perspectives. Highlighted topics include fraud, brand safety, and transparency. Further topics covered the impacts of in-housing, AdTech tax, and the foretold future of Programmatic.